Together we are Studio Mali, a married couple who have been on a journey to find balance in our lives. Our Dream... use our website as a place to inspire others to live creative and balanced lives.


Quitting our jobs in London was worth the risk, we spent a year travelling and realised some simple truths. Spending our lives working was not the life we wanted, travel taught us that living with less was a satisfying and humbling existence. 

So, we set plans in motion to continue our low consumption lifestyle and put our creative skills to better use.

Studio Mali's aim is to create content that feeds your imagination and inspires you to travel more, be more creative and consider little changes to live a balanced lifestyle.

You can read about: How We Changed Our lives

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Artisanal Design

We use our knowledge from the arts to create products that take influence from travel, but fused with a design-led aesthetic. We returned home in 2018 and started an online shop using ideas gathered from places, cultures and experiences from our trip.


Our aim is to balance skilled craftsmanship with technologies like laser cutting, creating a pieces that are express our love of travel and design.


We create travel-enthused contemporary pieces from our London studio, which covers furniture, homeware and jewellery. 

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After our wedding in 2016 we didn't take a honeymoon because we wanted longer than two weeks on a beach. So, we departed for a year on the road leaving our jobs in the summer of 2017. 

We spent 10 months travelling across Europe, Russia, China and several countries in Asia and South East Asia. We like to get off the beaten path and rarely use Lonely Planet, favouring an old school adventurers spirit where possible.

By travelling long term we think you get a much better appreciation of a country because you can travel through it slowly and explore the quiet spots.

Our daily travel budget is £25 (and in some countries half of that!), living low cost in these places makes you live more like a local and that’s perfect for us.

Travel kick-started the whole idea of changing our lives back at home. Time away from work gave us a much clearer sense of what we wanted from life and gave us the confidence to make it happen.

Interested in reading about our travel philosophy?

Need some help planning your next trip? Take a peak at our travel page.

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From long term travelling we have experienced the benefits of living a balanced, sustainable, life.

We have sought to simplify everything by getting out in nature and camping more, reducing spending to just important needs,  shedding objects that we don't need.

When we travel we take our own cooking equipment and make dinners out under the stars using our gas stove, so romantic. This sense of adventure has led us camping in Patagonia, Eastern Europe, Siberia and China. We use bus and train for the majority of our travels, trying to offset the impact we place on the world by using communal travel. 

We are firm believers in minimalism and travel has helped us appreciate the things we need to live and not just the things that we want. Staying with Mongolian families teaches you just how little you need to survive on and be happy with. 

Looking for some lifestyle inspiration? Check out our inspire page.

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Our Media

As creative folk we've taken great care to produce all of our photography, video and graphic design. That means pretty much everything on our website is our own work. If you wish to use any of our media please contact us first.

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We are always learning, failing and improving and therefore we are continually interested in any feedback or comments.

If you need to contact us, don't hesitate, just say hey! Or feel free to swing by our social media accounts:

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All information provided has been gathered from our experiences on the road, use common sense when deciding whether to take our advice i.e. don't climb that slippery mountain if 24 hours of snow is predicted! 

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We're friendly, worldly, people so if you have any questions about our policy then just hit us up!