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Questioning the 9-to-5, we quit our jobs and planned an adventure around the world. What came next was a complete change in lifestyle; working less, spending less and living with less and being all the happier for it.  We set up a blog to share our story and now a designer studio because we love making things.

Returning home after 10 months of travelling, we wanted to use our experiences to guide what we did next. So we drew inspiration from the places we visited to drive our design work and created travel-inspired statement pieces in the areas of jewellery, homeware and furniture. We design and manufacture our products from our flat in London where every piece is lovingly crafted by hand. You can check out travel-inspired products in our shop.

We both studied (and met) at Kingston Art School with Mark’s focus on Fine Art and Ali’s Fashion Design. Ali pursued a career designing high street fashion and Mark went on to teach Design and Technology; and still does 4 days-a-week. We wanted to be more creative in our day-to-day lives and travel gave us the time, space and confidence to do this. We take huge joy, and pride, in spending our days making products, an unbelievable thought two years ago!

By showcasing the changes we’ve made to our lives we hope to inspire others to make changes to theirs. Our dream is to inspire others to live balanced and creative lives and we hope to put our-money-where-our-mouths-are as we start our family with this creative and balanced mindset.

As you read this we want you to believe you can achieve those dreams you didn’t quite grasp yet, and with hard work, passion and a step into the unknown.... you can do it too.

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Our Media


As creative folk we've taken great care to produce all of our photography, video and graphic design. That means pretty much everything on our website is our own work. If you wish to use any of our media please contact us first.

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We are always learning, failing and improving and therefore we are continually interested in any feedback or comments.

If you need to contact us, don't hesitate, just say hey! Or feel free to swing by our social media accounts:


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All information provided has been gathered from our experiences on the road, use common sense when deciding whether to take our advice i.e. don't climb that slippery mountain if 24 hours of snow is predicted! 

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We're friendly, worldly, people so if you have any questions about our policy then just hit us up!