Discover Armenia's delights, a proud and ancient CULTURE that's progressing fast, it'll teach you  history lessons and supply you with the tastiest bread Ever...

Read about our week and half trip through Armenia in 2018. You will find our guide from a week in capital and photograph and video taken from our visits to Yerevan, Lake Sevan, Dilijan Nature Reserve and Ijeven in the north. We hope you are inspired to visit this awesome place someday. 

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8 Things To Do In Yerevan

Armenia: 8 Things To Do In Yerevan

We didn't know much about Armenia's capital when we arrived but after spending 6 days there we loved it. It's a place of contrasts, old and sacred and yet modern and progressive, just look at changing face of it's politics from 2018. As a metaphor for Yerevan, imagine a beaten up soviet box car being over taken by a shiny landrover, this city is changing fast! But with just a few tourists visiting, aside from the Russians, you can get an slice of the Caucasus to yourself.

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Day Hikes From Dilijan National Park

Armenia: Day Hikes From Dilijan National Park

Call it what you want, Armenia's 'Switzerland' is a diverse place to walk and ramble. From overgrown paths up waterfalls to long scenic loops across ancient farmland, we had a real blast in Dilijan National Park! Check out our favourite walking routes in this growing TCT hotspot surrounded by outstanding nature. 

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Watch Our armenia Video

Flying in to the Armenian capital of Yerevan was a calming experience and the first European vibe we'd felt in 7 months. We loved it so much that we forgot to record any footage, yes it was that relaxing! Although a little challenging to get around, Armenia offers stunning natural beauty with very few tourists, incredibly friendly people who are really interested in new guests and for the architecture lovers, churches and monasteries galore!

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Photo gallery

Check out our photos from Yerevan, Dilijan, Lake Sevan and Ijevan and get to know the Caucasus a little better...