Mongolia: In 10 Epic Photos

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This was a hard choice! We gave ourselves the challenge of selecting our top picks from a total of 165! There were many stunning shots we had to leave out but fear not, our favourites are shown below. We hope you like our photos, if you do please comment, share or pin! Thanks lovelies!

Amarbayasgalant Monastery Mongolia

1. Amarbayasgalant Stupe

Look into the eyes! The watchful gaze of a Buddha on a stupe at sunset. We picked this one because spiritual places always come alive at twilight and we hardly ever capture these moments. Just imagine the tranquil silence as you gaze on.

Mongolian Tour Guide Portrait

2. Undrakh 

Our beautiful guide Undrakh took our hands and led us across Mongolia. Not strictly a fact but she definitely knew her stuff and was big part of making our tour so memorable. She even taught us how to make Mongolian pasta.

Horse Trekking In The 8 Lakes Area Mongolia

3. Western Nomads

This is what happens when you dress two westerners as Nomads, put them on horses and then ride up and down a mountain. The result, two gleamingly happy travellers who felt like cowboys by the end of the horse trek.

Sunrise at Khovsgul Lake

4. Sunrise At Khovsgol

So we had to leave our ger at 6am for this one but it was worth it. Trust us when we say there is no image processing on this image. Just the pure, naturally vivid, majesty of mornings dawn.

Hand painted woodwork inside a ger Mongolia

5. Ger Construction And Detail

A gers value is based not on material but the amount of detail in the paint work. This was the most detailed work we saw on a ger, sublimely detailed brush work photographed in the afternoon sun.

Mongolian nomadic family

6. Our Nomadic Family

Our driver randomly called in with this family who were about to serve mutton dumplings, it’s good luck to arrive for dinner. They fed us, doused us with vodka and allowed us to stay with them on the coldest night of the tour. Mongolian hospitality is unreal, we will never forget our night here.

Snowy ger Mongolia

7. Let It Snow

Four seasons in a day they said. They weren’t wrong, we awoke one morning to three inches. This only makes the ger and it’s wood burner more cosy and exciting to be in. Like being kids at Christmas.

Driving through the Gobi desert Mongolia

8. The Road To Gobi

We picked this one because there is nothing quite so scary, and so vast, as racing across endless desert on dirt tracks. This snap underpins the raw beauty of the Gobi badlands and respect for those who live in this environment all year.

Flaming cliffs in the Gobi desert Mongolia

9. Flaming Cliffs Of The Gobi

I’m not sure we can think of many better places to see the sun settle. Shafts of stark shadows transform the undulating ripples of ancient sea beds. Just watch out for dinosaur bones under your feet!

Riding camels in the Gobi desert

10. Camel Riding To The Khakorin Sand Dunes

For weeks we knew this moment was coming. Boarding these strange creatures and setting off across the sand was a once in a lifetime experience, we had to get a shot of White Lightening and Choco Pie in the top 10!

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Mongolia - In 10 Epic Photos, by Studio Mali

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