10 Awesome Moments Caught On Video

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We wanted to share some of our favourite videos from the last 4 months on the road. So we’ve been through the archives and dug out some gold, turn your gaze downwards to watch our favourite GoPro vids! We hope you enjoy them. 

Hot Springs In Cold Mongolia 

After our coldest night in Mongolia, where Mother Nature treated us to frosty beard temperatures of minus 15, we arrived at Tsenkher outdoor springs. The baking hot water certainly blew the cob webs away!

Rock Hopping On Krivan

Minus the stupid, but useful, head band this video documents the final ascent to the top of mt. Krivan, one of Slovakia’s most important national symbols. As you can see it’s a hard climb but breaking through the mountain fog reaveled and epic view of the range.

 Majestic Sunrise On Khovsgol

Not much to explain really. We got up at 6am, leaving our warm ger, to catch a sunrise; we couldn’t have expected it to be this beautiful.  

 Bavarian Street Party

We haven’t been to Octoberfest but I can only imagine this is what it would be like without any tourists! Half of those in attendance at Prien Am Chiemsee’s annual bank holiday street party were dressed in traditional lederhosen. It was a pretty fun event to wonder into, even if we were under dressed.

 Could You Handle The Bearpit?

If you haven’t attended a Bearpit Karoke event on a Sunday in Mauer Park, Berlin, you are missing out. The premise is simply, gather the courage to sing a song in front of 1000 people! The crowd went crazy when a Dutch guy sang the Lion Kings ‘The circle of life’. We didn’t hear a better selected song all afternoon!

 Say Hello To My Spitty Friend

From the moment our tour started we knew all the roads would lead us to this place. The place being the Gobi desert where we would finally get to ride camels! They didn’t disappoint, White Lightening and Choco Pie were worthy stead’s who traverse the terrain quite awkwardly but surprisingly quickly. We will never forget you guys!


 Mandem On The Tandem

The Chinese city of Xi’an is where tourists flock for the Terracotta Army and a hike up the dangerous Huashan mountain. Our favourite part was a simple old cycle around the city walls. Amazingly, the walls are in perfect condition and span 14km. Probably worth grabbing a tandem we thought. The highlight was Ali taking the lead on the handlebars, very Laurel and Hardy!

Downward Dune Dancing  

Climbing to the top of the Kharkhorin dunes was the toughest climb we have faced, worse than any mountain. Arriving at the top, with severe fatigue, meant we wanted to make the most of going down. We rolled, danced and paddled our way to bottom, much to the surprise of Korean tourists watching us!  

Great Times On The Great Wall

We camped just North of the Great Wall meaning we could spend whole days taking it in. Luckily we decided on the Jiankou section, which is crumbling away but also very quiet with few tourists on it. We loved having the wall to ourselves for a day, great times.


Amber Sun On Huangshan  

This mountain range is one of the most treasured in a China, 10 million visit every year! 200 days of the year the mountain is rained on and mist covered. Only 50 days of the year have sunsets/ sunrises. We were lucky to have both across our whole stay on the mountain, here are two sunsets from Huangshan. Take us back (but not when it rains).


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10 Awesome Moments Caught On Camera, by Studio Mali

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