Packing For A Round The World Trip

Here's the complete list of the kit we will be taking with us for our big trip! It's worth noting that the type of trip will you intend to have will greatly alter the type of kit you will need. We love outdoorsy activities; camping, walking, cooking on gas stove etc. Therefore we have a great deal of lightweight camping equipment and warm clothes, which many travellers wouldn't need. Our plan is to spend much of the first three months outside with nature but when Asia calls we fear it will be too hot and too buggy. So, our plan is to send our camping kit back home on our arrival in Beijing. How did we save for our trip? check our guide for saving for a around the world trip blog post.

Somehow we managed to fit all the stuff above into our two backpacks....

Here is a detailed list of the all the equipment we think we will need for our round the world trip:


1 x whistle - this can be handy if you need to call for help in an emergency, and can scare off stray animals

1 x compass

1 x lightweight 3 season 2-man tent

2 x good quality sleeping bags

2 x self inflating roll mat

2 x inflating pillows

1 x small saucepan set

1 x cooking stove

2 x cups

2 x plates

2 x sporks

1 x multi-purpose tool knife

1 x box of matches

4 x trekking poles

1 x Foil blanket in case of emergency

2 x head torches

1 x bar of washing soap (for clothes)

1 x plug for sink

1 x small scrubbing brush (for washing up)

1 x small bottle of washing-up liquid


Electricals (for 2 people)

1 x universal adaptor

1 x world USB charging plug 

1 x battery pack for charging kit

1 x Canon DSLR camera and charger

1 x Go Pro, waterproof case and charger

1 x MacBook Air laptop and charger (the website demands it!)

2 x earphones

1 x compact lightweight tripod



Water purification tablets





General purpose antibiotics

Contraceptive pill

Diohorrehea tablets

Glasses / contact lenses

SPF sun glasses

Malaria tablets

Medical kit

DEET insect repellent

Mosquito net

Travel sickness pills

Highest factor sun cream


Money / ID / Admin

Credit card

Debit card  

Top-up pre paid bank card  


Drivers licence

Cash - we like to take a small amount of currency for each country, and US dollars as back-up

Travel Insurance info

E111 health card - for those that live in Europe only

Camping card - used across thousands of campsites across Europe (camping key)

Passport photos

Photocopies of passport

Full copies of medical history saved online

Maps - especially of any off grid places you are travelling to

Interrail tickets and interrail map



Clothes (for her)

1 x snood

1 x lightweight rain jacket

1 x warm fleece

1 x pair of warm quick-dry gloves

1 x warm fleece hat

1 x pair of walking boots

1 x pair of trainers

3 x pairs of trekking socks

2 x pairs of tights (ali's personal preference!)

1 x pair of shorts

1 x pair of synthetic leggings

1 x pair of thermal leggings

1 x sundress

2 x quick-dry sports tops

4 x pairs of cotton pants

1 x bra

1 x sarong / lightweight scarf

1 x swimsuit

1 x pair of flip flops


Toiletries (for her)

1 x mini deodrant

1 x small pot of coconut oil - this can be used to remove make up, moisturise and also cook with!

A small amount of make up 

1 x small mirror

1 x pair of tweezers

1 x toothbrush

1 x small toothpaste

1 x small shampoo

1 x small conditioner

1 x small sanitiser

1 x disposable razor

1 x comb

1 x Wet wipes

1 x moon cup


Food and Drink Supplies (for 1 week for 1 person)

7 x homemade bags of porridge - a mix of jumbo rolled oats, milk powder, cinnamon and sugar

Dried mixed fruit for snacking

Mixed nuts for snacking

Good quality instant coffee - we always opt for decaf

7 x energy bars

5 x pasta in sauce

2 x tasty instant noodles

1 x large bar of luxury dark chocolate

1 x water bottle



1 x penknife - incl bottle opener, can opener and knifes for preparing food

1 x needle and thread

Playing cards

Loo roll

1 x cash money belt  

Bin bags

2 x day bag

2 x large backpack

What do you normally take travelling? Do you have any favourites that we haven't mentioned above? Let us know!