Video: Nepal's Annapurna Circuit

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After 3 weeks of continuous walking, where we covered more than 200km, with half of it at high altitude was not without it's challenges! Ali had an awful stomach bug for the first 7 days and I had my first taste of altitude sickness but we overcame these troubles to reach the highest lake in the world and walk the longest pass in the world, reaching an air thinning height of 5416 metres above sea!

For all it's aches and pains walking the Annapurna circuit has been one of the best things i've ever done. The landscapes are beautiful and change every day, we met loads of great people and the local Nepali are such welcoming hosts. What's more, two people can live in the Himalayas for just £20 a day! I'd swap that for London any-day... We just need to save some cash to come back now!

If you love the outdoors and haven't heard of the Annapurna circuit this video will give you a little taste of what it's all about.


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