Environment: Shrinking Wall Of Ice

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The Perito Moreno glacier is the third largest in the world and one of the only glaciers that continues to grow in this age of growing carbon emissions. Amazingly, no one actually knows why the glacier continues to grow when every other recedes. It is a foreboding site when your eyes first settle on such a force of nature. A wall of ice that is 60 metres in height that creaks and twists as if it were alive. The glacier peaks can be traced back miles and miles to the base of the Andes mountains range, while incredibly the size below the water line can be over a 100 metres. So far larger below than the ice sculptures you see in the photographs. If you were to head back 18,000 years you would find that whole of southern Argentina and Chile was an ice field, the glacier is one of the only remnants. No wonder it's been a UNESCO world heritage site since the 80s and often cited as the 8th wonder of the world!

Perito Moreno, Argentina  

Perito Moreno, Argentina  

Some ice is growing but most ice is melting. It is sad and yet unsurprising to hear that the majority of glaciers are receding flushing huge amounts of fresh water into the sea. They are playing their own part in sea levels rising, changing ocean currents and overarching degradation of our beautiful world. To protect life's wonders wider reading is needed by the populous. Many would except that change is happening as the media widely, and frequently, reports environmental stories; storms, temperatures records, droughts and deep freezes affect everywhere from the UK to Mongolia. But we believe that big change happens when people are enlightened to the bigger picture and keep pressure on the right people.

We are avid readers of George Monibot, a political environmentalist, who consistently links poor decisions made by governments, corporations and institutes that proliferates man made climate change, normally in the name of profit or governance. Reading Monibot's articles inspired us to start talking about this most important issue. The blame falls heaviest on those with power; but who actually have the least at stake. Leaders and industrialists rarely live in the places that bare the brunt of environmental change. Monibot uses experience, data and influence to keep the spotlight on those who so often fail us all. Read one article and share the ideology; promote the failures. We would love our children to be able to see Earths unspoilt splendour.