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Witlof's Bespoke Kitchens

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We wanted to draw your attentions to some highly talented designer / makers who have recently specialised in designing and manufacturing high-end consumer kitchens. They also happen to be our good buddies Tom and Fi.  

Samos Road

Samos Road

The Making Process

Witlof specialise in using CNC milling to produced precise made-to-measure products that can be finished in an array of materials to a bespoke level. The reason they can produce bespoke work is due to them being a young start up, trading for 2 years, so they can really give their customers a personalised experience and final product. We were lucky enough to be taken through the design process by Witlof and the amount of choice in materials, finishes and veneers provides far more than other high-end kitchen manufacturers.

Landsdowne Drive

Landsdowne Drive

The Design Process

The design development stage takes the consumer through discussions to initial ideas via CAD boards, options are given then developed into a final idea. The final kitchen is then laid out in 2D and 3D using CAD, which provides a realistic communication of how the room and kitchen will look. Tom and Fi really want your kitchen to differ from other projects so work with you to find your aesthetic niche. They will guide you with other kitchen examples, swatches and accessory booklets for handles, sinks etc. The consumer is offered a plethora of different choices. Their kitchens always use an array materials that are well balanced in a contemporary aesthetic; part scandi part modernist. Of course this modernist aesthetic can also reference traditional farmhouse kitchens, just check out 'The Mullberry' to see.

Globe Road

Globe Road


Because Witlof are a young startup company, they are able to price themselves lower than other upmarket competitors. Being just two people, their overheads are low making now the perfect time to look at upgrading your kitchen. Remember, installing a Witlof kitchen will add considerable value to your property, very few people can say their kitchen is purely bespoke.



We were also incredibly excited to hear that Witlof are embarking on a new project in 2018 specialising in fronts only, making a kitchen even more affordable for those wanting a well-designed contemporary kitchen.  The fronts will be compatible with an Ikea frame, making self-fitting incredibly convenient and easy.

If you are interested in either Witlof or their new fronts venture, then you can contact them via their website.  We hope you enjoy their kitchens as much as we do!