Discover Studio Mali's extensive China posts from our 2 month trip from the north west across to south east in 2017. 

You will find our photographs taken from our visits to Beijing, The Great Wall of China, Xi'an, the Terrecota Warriors, Shanghai, Huangshan mountains, Hongcun, Tunxi, Changsha, Zhanghjiajie, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Baisha, Shangri-La, Deqin, Feilai Si and Yubeng. We hope you feel inspired to visit this amazing place someday. 

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2 Month Itinerary

China Guide: A 2 Month Itinerary

World change is afoot but nowhere is accelerating as quickly as China. For two months we explored as much of China’s history, scenery and provincial iterations of noodle soup as possible. This guide will take you through our journeys of mountainous highs to our monkey ambushing lows. Read out extensive guide to China here...

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China Gallery

Check out our travel photography from our 2 month trip from east to west China... 

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Top Things To Do In Beijing

Beijing is a place of many contrasts; modern yet traditional, politically charged yet relaxed and slow paced. Visitors must visit the sardine packed sights of Tian’anmen Square and the Forbidden City, but must not forget to wonder the quiet ‘hutong’ for street food and traditional culture. Be prepared for friendly locals who want to chat and photograph you, in between their shopping and selfies! Beijing is full of surprises, an epic place to introduce yourself to Chinese culture and their delicious noodles…

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China: Top Things To Do In Dali

Dali, the old hippy haven famous for its chilled out attitude and atmospheric beauty.  Set against the stunning backdrop of the ChanShan mountain range, the ancient city is surrounded by endless fields of growing produce and the mysterious ErHai lake, read our 5 day guide to Dali here...

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Top Things To Do In Xi'an

Once the end destination of the Silk Road, Xi’an was a land-mark Chinese city rich in history, culture and trade.  Today it stands as a busy modern city, with many tourists still flocking to see the world famous delights of the Terracotta Army and The Tomb of Emperor Jingdi.  Read on to find out our highlights from the historic city of Xi'an....

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Shanghai On A Budget

Shanghai, the place where reputation precedes itself. A futuristic metropolis best embodied by the Pudong skyline, cosmopolitan populace and more malls than you thought possible! Read on to see our guide budget-style.....

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Epic Snaps

10 Epic Photos Of China

China is an impressive country and one so varied it’s difficult to try and summarise it in only 10 photos.  But picking our favourites is one job in running a blog so here it is. You will quickly spot that most of our favourite snaps explore China’s expansive landscapes. Grab a cuppa, or a noodle soup, and observe our 10 epic photos of China...

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The Great Wall

Trek And Camp On The Great Wall

Superfluous statement warning; hiking and camping on the Great Wall of China is one of the best things we’ve ever done! Every step across this ancient defensive barrier felt like one over history. Forget Badaling and Mutianyu, there you will share the wall with thousands of other tourists. On our trip to the wild Jiankou section of the wall we were the only ones, which made it one of the most incredible experience we’ve had in China or even the world!

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Yubeng: A Hidden Retreat Where Time Stands Still

A story of a 4 day trek on the Tibetan border complete with magical waterfalls, frozen lakes and the best Yak's butter milk tea anywhere in the world. Up in the mountains we discovered one of our favourite ever places, a gem called Yubeng...

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Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan: Yellow Peaks, Tourists and Spellbinding Sunsets

Huangshan, or the Yellow mountains, are one of China's sacred mountain ranges. A place that only receives 50 days of good weather a year, the rest is cast in mist and fog. Read about our 4 day camping trip up on the mountain and our trials with extreme tourism, concrete national parks but not forgetting the sublime views....

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Tiger Leaping Gorge

Adventures On The Tiger Leaping Gorge

This gorge is the deepest in the world, sitting behind the Jade Dragon Snow Mountains it is an unforgettable trekking route and one which is regularly voted as one of the best in the world. Read about our experiences and get all the details on how to explore one of the worlds great natural wonders. Welcome to our adventures on the TLG.... 

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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain: A Sketch Session

At the foot of the enormous Jade Dragon Snow Mountain sits the ancient town of Baisha, a little haven of friendly locals, minority culture and exquisite textiles. We spent a week here, basking in the autumn sunshine, strolling the cobbled streets and chatting with smiling Baisha-folk. We decided to get creative, put some ink to paper and got sketching! Click the image to see our errrrm 'masterpieces'!

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Grandma Lui

Grandma Lui - The Sweet Old Lady With A Sticky Trap

There we are wondering down the old cobbled streets of Baisha (China) when old Grandma Lui grabs Ali's wrist. She wants us to follow her, down some alleyway. We try to walk on but she doesn't let us. She REALLY wants us to follow her.

Click the image to find out what happens next...

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Searching For Shangri-La

James Hilton conceived Shangri-La as an escape from the troubled 1930s, a fable of a spiritual utopian sanctuary. I first read Lost Horizon in 2011 on my first ever backpacking trip through Yunnan, China. I was captivated by Hilton’s vision of meditative llamas in secluded mountain temples. But when I finally reached Zhongdian, 6 years later, it had been renamed Shangri-La to boost tourism. Would it be the place of solace I had yearned for?

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Man Flu, Monkey Ambush And An Expensive Mistake

Read about our escapades in the Zhangjiajie National Park. A story that includes hungry monkeys, surviving asian flu and a costly decision that made steam run from our ears. If you think travelling is all fun and beautiful vistas think again, those monkeys will haunt your dreams.

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Chinese Coaches

16 Funny Things About Chinese Coaches

After travelling through China for 2 months, we have done our fair share of long distance coach journeys.  Each time we travel by coach, it seems that something more ridiculous happens.  From eardrum destroying Chinese house music to drivers that are clearly allergic to rules of the road. Here is a round up of funny things that happen on Chinese coaches......

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Changing China

In 6 Years, How Has China Changed?

China inspired us to go onto South East Asia and South America before turn our sights on our big round the world trip of 2017. Having put China on this pedestal, with monumental memories to back it up, we were really excited about returning. But coming fresh off the train from an already amazing 3 months of travel, China had a lot to live up too, did it deliver?

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Hongcun: The Ancient Chinese Village That Inspires Art

This beautiful and ancient village lies at the foot of the jagged Huangshan mountains, and is best known for featuring in one of our all time favourite films, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  Feeling inspired, we invested in some art materials and decided to hit the village with our creative juices flowing....

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Chow Down In Changsha

China: Fun Foods To Try In Changsha

One of the most amazing things about Chinese culture is the food.  With a vast array of flavours, fresh ingredients, and 8 different cuisines to choose from, there is a plethora of new and exciting foods to try on every street corner.  Find out what strange foods we tried at dinner with a local....

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Things You Don't Know

6 Things You Might Not Know About China

Travelling through China we observed some interesting things about it's people, culture and the wider customs of this huge and foreign place.  Read on to find out 6 things you might not know about China...

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Southern China


Southern China Trip - 2011

This was the trip that gave us the travel bug, Southern China 2011. Armed with new bags, boots and kit but no travel experience we set off to Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Yunnan. We learnt all the basics on how to explore and survive in a foreign country. Read about out 3 week trip in Southern China here..