We spent just over a week soaking up the food, history and culture of this ancient city. Watch us be fools in the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and cycling up and down the Hutong. it was our favourite big city in China so we hope you’l be inspired come visit! Note that the best weather, with the least pollution, is mid October.

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Great Wall Of China

So here it is, our moving image escapades of our adventures on the ancient, and undeveloped, Jainkou section of the Great Wall of China. It has been one of the most memorable experiences of the entire trip. Camping just 30 minutes from wall meant we could enjoy it crowd free, a rare thing in China! Hopefully you will be inspired to visit some day.

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Pronounced “Shi Ann”, you only need a few days here but expect them to filled with cool activities. You could check out the ancient Terracotta Army, cycle the city walls or dine in the Muslim quarter. Watch our travel video to get feel for this busy, vibrant and cultural city...

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Watch our exploits from our 5 day stay in continental Shanghai. We especially enjoyed the French Concession alleys, the Xizang Road and who can resist the views of the Bund! We hope you enjoy watching it...

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Huangshan National Park

Huangshan is home to one of China’s 5 sacred mountains, commonly known as the yellow mountains, or Huangshan. We camped and trekked in this park for 4 days, enjoying it's incredible views, deciphering it’s confusing maps and witnessing some of the most bewildering sunsets we’ve ever seen. You can check them out in our video below:

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Hongcun, Changsha & Zhangjiajie

We had to squeeze a few Chinese destinations into one video for this one but what you'll get is a nice mix between quiet lakeside villages, bustling cities and a monkey infested national park. Get a feel for these places by watching the video below...

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Kunming, Lijiang, Baisha & Dali

This video has together some of favourite cities and villages from Yunnan province (pronounced "wee nan"). We enjoyed a lot of food, cycling and pottering around these ancient places with highlights being the bread "Baba", Dali's chilled hippy vibes and Baisha's ethnic embroidery production. This is a must-visit for anyone coming to China! 

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Tiger Leaping Gorge

This will always be one of our favourite ever treks and the one that almost got away. We tried to climb it in 2011 but mudslides stopped that, waiting another 6 years till our next visit. Luckily 2017 proved more fruitful as the weather was sunny, we had good company and the gorge was as stunning as we'd hoped. Watch the TLG travel video below..

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Feilai Si & Yubeng

We visited Feilai Si and Yubeng slightly out of season but as a result the walking paths became even more magical. Stunning snow capped mountains, Tibetan flags dancing in the wind and the kind of remoteness that was really hard to find in China. We would love for everyone to visit this place but in case you don't just let this video wet your appetite.

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