Let's get into Jordan, from friendly tea drinking locals to more baked goods than you knew existed, oh yeah... and the UNESCO site Petra. Jordan is one exciting place to travel.

Discover all about our 2 week trip across Jordan; where we visited Amman, Madaba, Wadi Mujib, The Dead Sea, Dana Nature Reserve, Petra and Wadi Rum. Read about how to trek from Muijb nature reserve to the Dead Sea and top things to do in Amman, not forgetting the stunning photography and cultural videos.

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A Bedouin Camp

A bedouin camp in the wadi rum desert

.....No curtains.... just this view for the next 14 hours.  We feel as though we've hit the jackpot.  I don't know about you but I've never stayed anywhere quite as epic as this.  The oversized window makes you feel as though there is nothing between you and nature, that the desert sand almost continues onto your bedroom floor......

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Petra’s Ancient Sands

Patterns And Colours Of Petra’s Sands

Petra, you will undoubtedly think of the enormous sandstone carvings of the Treasury and the Monastery, those huge structures that we have seen so many times in photographs as one of The World's 7 Wonders. Discover a little more about historic sands of this ancient city...   

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Save The Cash

Jordan: The Backpackers Guide To Saving Money

Jordan ain't cheap, that's a fact. So why not get clued up on how to save some dinar without eating donner every night. We managed to live off £30 a day in the 'New York' of the Middle East, get our top tips here...

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Amman On A Budget

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Mujib To The Dead Sea

Trekking Through The Mujib Nature Reserve To The Dead Sea 

Trying to travel through Jordan for £30 a day is pretty tough. Especially when it costs more than that just to get a taxi from Madaba to the Dead Sea! Well, we found a low cost and exciting route across the Mujib Nature Reserve to float in the free locals section of the Dead Sea. Follow our exploits here...

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Jordan Photo Gallery

So grab some dinar, heat up some kunafa and pack your 50 spf sunscreen for some stunning photos of beautiful Jordan.

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Jordan Video

Jordan has been one of the most surprising places of our trip. Forget what you might think, this place is jam-packed full of incredible sites, history and food. Not to mention some of the friendliest people anywhere. We enjoyed some decent hiking in the desert in Mujib, some bobbing in the Dead Sea and were blown away by Petra and Wadi Rum, those sites are world class yet quiet and serene. We hope our Jordan travel video inspires you to come visit some day.