Use our posts, insights and guides to help you get a better idea of what Mongolia is like; epic scenery, friendly nomads and outdoor living.

Discover all about our 3 week tour in north, central and southern Mongolia where we visited Ulaanbaataar, Amarbayasgalant Monastery, Uran Togoo Volcanic Crater, Lake Khovsgol,  White Lake, Tsenher Hot Springs, Orkhon Waterfall, 8 Lakes, Kharkhorin, Gobi Desert, Flaming Cliffs, Khongor Sand Dune, Yol Valley, White Stupe, finishing at the Small Rock Formations.

Read about how to survive a Mongolia tour and our 22 day guide to Mongolia, not forgetting the stunning photographs and videos, it was easy, the landscapes did the hard work!

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Mongolia Guide

Nature lovers and scenery searchers rejoice, there is nowhere so wild, so stunning or so friendly as Mongolia. A place that supplies four seasons in a day, mountains, lakes, valleys, gorges and where the animals are widespread but the people dispersed. Discover a country filled with nomads, tradition and superstition; read on to discover our top picks for destinations and learn a little of the life changing kindness of the Mongolian people you will meet on the way.  

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Surviving Mongolia

Plan And Survive A Mongolian Tour

Learn how we researched, prepared and kept ourselves safe on a 22 day tour across Mongolia. Find useful information on tour operators, equipment and 'on the road' tips.

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Mongolia Photo Gallery

Well, if you had any excuses not to visit Mongolia then prepared to let that one go. This place is surely the most beautiful on earth. Vast, unpopulated and constantly changing; lakes, snow, trekking, horse riding, camel riding, sand dunes and life in a ger. It doesn't get better than this... 

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Epic Snaps

10 Epic Photos Of Mongolia

We gave ourselves the challenge of selecting our top picks from a total of 165 Mongolia photos! There were many stunning shots we had to leave out, but fear not our top picks can be found just a click away.

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Mongolia Video

Catch up with travel video from our 3 week tour across Mongolia. Be prepared for stunning landscapes, animals and every changing weather, let it wet your appetite for your own adventure here..

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Mongolian Pasta

How To Make Mongolian Pasta

Near the end of our Mongolian adventure we pleaded with Undrakh to teach us how to make her yummy Mongolian pasta. So why not video it we thought? Watch Ali and Undrakh go full Jamie and Jimmy as they teach you how to make this authentic Nomadic dish.