3 Week Mongolia Video

To embrace Mongolia you must embrace the wilderness! We spent 3 of the best weeks of our lives travelling through northern, central and southern Mongolia, experiencing adventures like a 3-day horse trip into the 8 lakes national park, the sand dunes of Gobi and waking up to minus 15 in our ger one morning, I almost forgot about White lighting and Choco Pie our camels! Taking the rough with smooth is vital in Mongolia but what you will get in return is the most amazing feeling of satisfaction and privilege to have been here. We recorded a lot of this trip but this place is just so damn photogenic. Truly one of our favourite places in the world, welcome to Mongolia...

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Learn How To Make Mongolian Pasta

Near the end of our Mongolian adventure we pleaded with Undrakh to teach us how to make her yummy Mongolian pasta. So why not video it we thought? Watch Ali and Undrakh go full Jamie and Jimmy as they teach you how to make this authentic Nomadic dish. This dish was prepared in a Ger so apologies for darker shots at the end of video, we were running out of light!

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Mongolia Videos, By Studio Mali

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