Yangon & Bagan

Myanmar; we weren't ready for how beautiful, friendly and tasty you would be. I'm not sure we've visited a more video ready country. First off, we have the bustling capital Yangon and then our exploration in the ancient city of Bagan, get ready for some beautiful temples and maybe, just maybe, a few awesome hot air balloons...

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Mandalay & Kalaw

The next stop on our Myanmar adventure was to the city of Mandalay for hilltop sunsets, monks and the best chapati we've ever had. We took the train to Thazi onwards to Kalaw for some stunning walks in Myanmar's lush countryside. We left Kalaw via a 3 days trek to Inle Lake. Get an insight into this countries most beautiful landscapes in this travel video...

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Inle Lake and Ngapali Beach

Let us end with a grand finale to the final destinations of Inle Lake, just imagine Asia's version of Venice but with motor boats! Lastly,  the most beautiful beach we've ever visited in Ngapali beach, named by a homesick Italian. Prepare for boat trips, artisan makers and some time lapse sunsets to wet your appetite for your own adventure around this awesome country. 

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Myanmar Videos, By Studio Mali

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