Use our posts, insights and guides to help you get better a idea of what Norway is like; sculptural glaciers, camping by fjords and powerful landscapes.

Discover all about our camping trip in Norway. In 2017, We spent 2 weeks travelling across these lush Scandinavian landscapes. You will find photographs taken from our visits to Oslo, Jotunheimen National Park, Besseggen, Solvorn on the Sognefjord, Lom and the Nigardsbreen glacier. We hope you are inspired to visit this amazing place someday. It's worth saving every penny, dime or dinar for... but actually it's Krone your need there!

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Norway Guide

A dramatic and mysterious place, huge in expanse and sparse in population, Norway is the place to explore dynamic landscapes, challenging hikes, fjord paths and more mountains than you can shake a stick at. Norway is a country for wonderers! Not the cheapest but for those in love with outdoors this slice of Scandinavia has it all...

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Photo Gallery

Norway Photo Gallery

Norway's unbelievable fjords, mountains and glaciers really need to be seen to be believed. Although, you'll get a pretty good idea from our photo gallery...

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Cutting Costs

Travelling in Norway - How To Cut Costs

Here are some top tips for reducing costs when travelling through one of the most expensive places in the world

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Eplet Farm & Hostel

Eplet is one of our favourite places; a hostel set in a valley, watched over by fjords and mountains. Read about our stay here

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Things To Do In Oslo

Read about our top cultural hits from the Norwegian Capital; think art, architecture and Alfred Nobel

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Watch Our Norway Video

We spent two weeks exploring Norway by road, train and walking, watch our adventure here

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Art... In Oslo

Sculpture in Oslo

Little did we know that Oslo would be such a hub for sculpture. Look what we found on our day of wondering the city