Use our posts, insights and guides to help you swat up on what Russia is like; Changing Eurasian faces, not being as cold as you think, enjoying dinners of dumplings and vodka - GUARANTEED. Get ready for hangovers on long train journeys.  

Discover all about our Russian adventure from the 3 week trip we took in 2017. You will find our information, tips, photos and videos taken from our visits to Moscow in the west and travelling to Siberia via the Trans Siberian train to Irkutsk, Lake Baikal and Arshan. We hope you are inspired to visit this incredible diverse country someday. 

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Russia Photography Gallery

Catch up with our snaps from the wild ride across Russia; starting in Moscow travelling across the country via the Trans-Siberian train, finishing off with some camping in Siberia. Let us take you there.

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Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal - A Journey Into Shamanic Siberia

Read about our adventures around the deepest fresh water lake found in the world! Wild camping, dumplings and sandy beaches, discover the top things to do on the shamanic island of Olkhon. 

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Arshan - An Escape To The Siberian Mountains

Read about our top things to do in the beautiful and mysterious Siberian town of Arshan. Get ready to settle into mountains, rivers and Buddhist Temples.  

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Russia Video

From Russia with Love; check out our adventures in Moscow, on the Trans-Siberian train and our wild camps on Lake Baikal and in the mysterious Arshan.

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What We Learnt

About Russia

7 Things We Learned About Russia

We spent 3 weeks travelling across the motherland and learnt many things about this interesting and mysterious place. If you're thinking about a trip to Russia, check out our tips first.