Use our posts, insights and guides to help you get better a idea of what U.K. is like; tradition and history everywhere,pints of ale down the pub, the romantically grey place that we call home.

Well read our page with information, tips, photographs and videos taken from the place we call home, London, England. Not forgetting the visits made across the country from Broadstairs to Scotland. We hope you are inspired to visit the U.K's lush green country landscapes to the sleek modern cities. 

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Lake District

Travel: 5 Day Wild Camping Loop In The Lake District

3 months after our big trip around the world we needed some adventure but with some rules. It must be cheap, adventurous and surrounded by nature so we travelled up north for 5 days of wild camping in the so-beautiful-it-hurts Lake District.

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Top Things To Do In London On A Budget

One of the most inspiring and culturally diverse cities in the world, London really does have it all.  From Summer street-parties to world-renowned art exhibitions, London is the capital of culture and is the catalyst of all things fun. Read our top recommendations below for a locals' guide to London....

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Berlin vs London

Berlin vs London: A Compare & Contrast

During our time in Berlin we spotted similarities and some distinct differences with our hometown of London. How did two cultures so similar create capitals on such different paths?

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Best Concrete Structures In London

Concrete, that grey blocky mass of a material. It's easily spotted on every London street corner and has been used to beautiful effect across many buildings in the capital. Is there anything simpler, more contemporary than cubes of concrete? This post will pick out some of our favourite modernist pieces for you.....

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Finding Nature

london: 7 green spaces in the city

Every Londoner has their favourite natural space they like to escape to. So it made sense to explore our favourite natural spaces in our favourite city. Having lived here for 10 years, we've definitely had time to explore it's parks, forests and interesting green spaces. We'd like to share our top picks....

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Glastonbury - The Best Festival In The World

Glastonbury festival is like no other and is renowned as the largest greenfield festival in the world.  It's hippy ethics, acceptance of counterculture and free festival movement in the 70s helped to make it as every bit unique as it is today.  Here's what we are most looking forward to most....