New Earring Designs Revealed!

New Earring Designs Revealed!

Inspired by the colourful geometric architecture of Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill Levi, our new collection of earrings are launching on 10th June 2022 and is designed to make you feel full of joy and will most certainly brighten up your day.


We wear statement jewellery because it makes us feel great about ourselves even if we don’t make any effort.  I for one love putting on something extra colourful as it immediately lifts my mood.  A lovely customer said recently that putting on a pair of Studio Mali earrings is like putting on your red lipstick, it jazzes up any outfit! 


So who are they for?

The new collection of earrings are specially for people who:

- love wearing colour

- want to dress boldly and love wearing statement jewellery

- have a keen design-eye

- want to wear more sustainable / ethical jewellery

- want to support independent businesses rather than retail giants

- want to dress uniquely.


What's great about shopping small from an independent retailer like us is that we will only ever be producing a small number of each style, so you're never going to show up somewhere wearing the same jewellery as anyone else.  You really will be owning something truly unique!


Why are they more sustainable / ethical than highstreet jewellery?

Our ethos is 'buy better and buy less'.  Own fewer things and make sure that the things that we do own bring us a lot of joy.  As an independent business, we're never going to be launching a million styles every week, just a few really considered pieces throughout the year that will stand the test of time because they’re not trend-led.

Our pieces are handmade by us (Mark & Ali) in the U.K., there's no sweat shops here... just us and our hands.

The birch plywood that we make our earrings from has been sustainably sourced from FSC approved forests, our packaging is environmentally and vegan-friendly, and we plant one tree for every order too.  If you want to learn a bit more about our sustainability, then you can find out here.


What colours will they be?

The colours we have chosen go with all skin types and hair colours.  There’s warmer tones of raspberry and pale pink and cooler tones of light blue and bold peacock depending on what palette you're drawn to.

Here's a sneaky peak at the colours....!

Images: @mr_tirano @simon_ptt @bofillarquitectura @luz_benett on instagram


What styles will you be launching?

There will be a mixture of larger dangle earrings for those of you that love wearing oversized pieces, along with a stud style for those that prefer to keep it small.  All have a graphic and strong design aesthetic and are perfect for those that love a bit of abstract geometry.


It's time for the big reveal!

Anyways, it's been a really exciting few weeks and finally we're ready to share with you our new designs...


Images: @bofillarquitectura @javierlozano


We hope they excite you, and if you're keen to get your hands on them then make sure you stay on our mailing list.  There will be an exclusive freebie for all of the customers who are signed up.

Mark & Ali x x

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