Ricardo Bofill Levi: The Inspiration Behind Our New Products

Ricardo Bofill Levi: The Inspiration Behind Our New Products

Where geometry and 3D fortresses combine, the wonderful architectural world of Bofill Arquitectura fills our hearts with joy. His buildings are distinctively playful, full of colour and have been celebrated by architects and design lovers all over the world.

Image by Bofillarquitectura on Instagram

The man behind these complex creations is Ricardo Bofill Levi who sadly passed away earlier this year, but after a 6 decade long career designing for Bofill Arquitectura (which he founded in 1963), he has left a plethora of awe-inspiring buildings on the planet.


Image by Bofillarquitectura on Instagram

He is mostly know for his monumental housing projects which are typically geometric in style, which also take inspiration from Arabic and Mediterranean architecture. The result is something truly unique, with some incredible forms which look more like intricate computer CADs than buildings.


Image by @luz_benett on Instagram

One of our favourite things about his work is his choice of colour… vibrant pinks and reds are made to stand out from the landscape, whilst cool blues are designed to blend with nature. It’s a clever decision, making the buildings more visually striking whilst being connected to their landscape.


Image by @Javierlozano on Instagram

With so much visual material to stick our teeth into, our new collection of products just has to be inspired by his work. We’re incredibly excited, we can’t wait to share the creative process with you and we hope our new pieces will capture to joyful nature of his buildings.


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