“We are on a mission to revolutionise the recycling industry.”

We have created the first ever recycling system of this kind, giving communities across our country the option to choose what happens with their waste. We no longer have to rely on underfunded councils and uninterested governments, we can recycle your plastic waste for you.

The current recycling system is flawed and what goes to our ‘recycling’ facilities is typically just cleaned, sorted and sold. Most of the UK’s plastic waste ends up travelling all over the world.

It’s estimated that in the UK 46% of our plastic waste is incinerated, 17% is exported and 25% goes into landfill, with only 12% being recycled in the UK.

Plastic is an amazing material, a circular material that can be reformed into something new. That's the magic of it, plastic should never have a linear life of use to incineration. Why waste the material when it can be broken down, melted and reshaped, creating an entirely new product and use.

Large, old systems are too big to change, this problem has to be tackled from the ground up and that's where we come in, with the help from you.

Together we can create our own change, our own form of activism.

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